Mind Effects Hypnotherapy Cork

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, Co. Cork

K., Co. Cork
"The hypnotherapy sessions boosted my confidence a lot. I was finding it hard to talk to people especially other teenagers. I was quite shy but I have close friends now and I'm able to get on with everybody".
P. F., Co. Cork
"I'm flying now without having to grab the seat the whole time!". "Adding up the air miles now".
D. S., Kildorrery, Co. Cork
"I'm doing great Kareena, I'm still off them (fags), thanks.
C. C. Co. Cork
"I'm still off the fags".
Emily, 14yrs old, Co. Cork
"The CD helped boost my self-esteem and confidence. I no longer stay awake at night worrying about tests. I can sit down and do a test no bother".
Anonymous, Co. cork
"Very interesting". "Works well". "Feel in control of what I eat". "Love the CD-listen to it everyday". "Will continue to work hard with this programme (Virtual Gastric Band) as I really enjoy it and feel in control at last".
T. C. Walsh, Co. Cork
"I thank you very much for this fantastic Virtual Gastric Band. Have tried all sorts of diets but they never really work for me. Losing inches and I'm a different person. One word describes this and that is 'Fantastic'".
B. P., Co. Cork
"Kareena, thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me. It has set me on a positive frame of mind for the future".
Ann S., Co. Cork
"Very enjoyable and really works, I'm down 7.5lbs. Thanks a million. Not eating rubbish".
Anonymous, Co. Cork
"I found my change towards food very dramatic and I have reduced my portion size with little effort".
C. Kildorrery, Co. Cork
"I wish to thank Kareena for her time and help with Mind Effects. She is very informative and very relaxing". "Thanks for your help Kareena".
A. N., Co. Cork
"I found the CD really relaxing and since starting this programme I am more focussed on my portions and having protein with each meal".
Ann, Co. Cork
"Very Relaxing, no pressure, yet motivational = inches lost"
Niamh, Co. Cork
"The experience was very good for motivation, I found it no effort to eat the smaller portions and without thinking about it. I was fuller quicker".
R.K., Co. Cork
"Your program got my mind focused and I found the CD very relaxing."
Ann B., Co. Cork
"Very motivating, look forward to continuing the virtual gastric band program on my own."
Eilish, Co. Cork
"The virtual gastric band program definitely put me on the right road to losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle - I feel great and had great results!"